Kosuke is one of the most versatile Japanese producers available, as well as one of the best commercial voices available. With a background in television (Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Channel [V] & Star TV) that has been recognized with numerous Promax BDA awards, Kosuke now runsa media company specializing in Japanese and Japanese-related productions, including television commercials, corporate videos, channel promos / idents / interstitials and a host of other B2B media. J-Pixels also specializes in translation for corporate materials, backed by a global network of experienced and qualified translators that cover every language spoken across the world.

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Japanese 1. War Promo - Full Mix
2. Monthly Highlights - Full Mix
email 3. Action Promo - Full Mix
  4. Slinky Asian Tour - Full Mix
  5. Music Awards Open - Full Mix
  6. Music Awards Wrestling - Full Mix

7. Japlish - Full Mix

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