To make a booking or receive a quote, we typically reply within 1 hour - reach us at enquiry@voiceovers.asia. Please provide the following info:

  • name of voice talent, or language & gender you need
  • if english, which accent - Asian / US / UK / AU
  • duration & word count
  • media usage - broadcast / corporate / online / in-store, etc.
  • territories - which countries will the recording be used
  • if broadcast, how long (12 months, more?), countries & outlets

Contact us at +65 9875 0877.  We do not give quotes over the phone; please email us, quotes typically take less than 1 hour.

FYI The audio samples on this website are for reference purposes only and not intended to be rebroadcast / resampled / uploaded / stored for any purpose. Samples included on a 'fair use' basis.

to make a booking, please email us at enquiry@voiceovers.asia
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