Xiao Ying's entertainment career began in 1995, when she joined Mediacorp TV as a host. Since then, she has hosted for a large variety of programmes, from music shows, large scale concerts to talk shows and current affairs programmes.

In 2003, she discovered her passion for radio broadcasting, which allows her to interact more freely with listeners.

Apart from her talent in hosting, she is passionate about singing as well. She held her first successful concert last year in 2004, at the Singapore Esplanade.

In the same year, she joined the family of Love 97.2FM and is currently hosting the station's Evening Show "FUN Nest" with Jeff.

Xiao Ying's accurate and warm spoken Mandarin Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) comes from many years in television and radio, including on-camera presentation for MTV Taiwan, and her voice has been 'certified' by Microsoft for use on their online training videos for the Taiwanese market.


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Mandarin (China) / Mandarin (Taiwan) 1. Fancl - Commercial Full Mix
2. Osim - Full Mix
email 3. Lux Soap - Full Mix
  4. Taiwan Demo - Clean VO
  5. Anti Smoking Campaign - Full Mix
  6. VideoBox - Full Mix
  7. Mandarin Corporate I - VO Mix
  8. Mandarin China Corporate II - VO Mix
  9. IVR - VO Mix
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