Tan Shou Chen is a VO artist, actor, and director. His credits span music, theatre, film, TV, and radio.

Shou Chen is a well-known voice in Singapore. As a voice over talent, his work can be heard in commercials, and documentaries. He was a DJ/producer-presenter for then WKRZ91.3FM, he co-hosted a regular evening show and produced current affair segments for the English music radio station. A particularly memorable character he had the privilege of voicing was the lead role of Singa (Possibicity) in the 2007 National Day Parade. As a host, he is comfortable in both intimate and large crowds. Hosting credits include: NTUC May Day Rally (2006); F&N and BRAND’S Media Events (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012) to name a few.

Picked by The Straits Times as one of S’pore’s 30 under 30 talents to look out for, Shou Chen has tackled leading and supporting roles in numerous critically acclaimed theatre productions.

On TV, Shou Chen is known as Joshua Tan in the MediaCorp Channel 5 sit-com Rules of Tham (directed by Gavin Lim), which also stars Kimberly Chia, Joakim Gomez Erin Lim and Edwin Goh. Other selected TV and film credits include: MediaCorp’s Channel 5 Code of Law (S1) (guest starred in feature role Lawrence Tan, Episode 7, directed by Ler, 2012), Love and Other Bad Habits ??????? as JJ opposite Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, and Kym Ng (directed by TJ Lee); the musical Movie Poster (directed by Yenn Teo, part of How We Met); Boo Junfeng’s Pink Dot 2011 video; and more.

Visit www.shouchen.net for more information.

Full CV is available upon request.

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SG English 1. Convenience Store Spot - VO Mix
2. Corporate Academy - VO Mix
email 3. Corporate Hospitality - VO Mix
  4. Radio Spot Maldives - VO Mix
  5. Tech Product - VO Mix
  6. TV Trailer Punchy & Epic - VO Mix
  7. TV Trailer Quirky - VO Mix

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