Jessica is an experienced and versatile voice over.   Her accent is English, with no regional lilt (more or less R.P.)  Her voice is confident, warm and natural with husky undertones.  The age range she covers is 25-45 and her delivery can be clear and authoritative, warm and friendly or gentle and intimate, depending on the needs of the project.

As a voice trainer and television producer, Jessica brings a valuable perspective to the recording studio.  She holds the sole Singapore license to train in the Hudson Voice Technique™ and has over 12 years experience working in production and broadcasting for companies such as Discovery, National Geographic, the BBC and Disney.  Having experienced life on both sides of the microphone, she will always make sure that you get the vocal delivery you are looking for.

Recent voiceover clients include: Starhub TV, Ponds, HSBC, Singapore GOURMETbus the Beijing Tourism Board, Mediacorp and Singapore's GIC. ​

Click to listen to 128kps stereo mp3 samples
UK English 1. BBC Earth Promo - Full Mix  
2. Documentary Demo - Full Mix
email 3. Corporate Demo - Full Mix
  4. Continuity Demo - Full Mix
  5. Singapore GOURMETbus - Full Mix
  6. TUVSUD - Full Mix

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