Hossan Leong is one of Singapore’s most popular and successful television and theatre actors, working constantly and earning an impressive array of awards and reviews, including Best Ensemble Acting in the 2000 Life! DBS Theatre Awards and a nomination for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for the 2005 and 2003 Life! Theatre Awards respectively. To date, he has performed in more than 40 plays and numerous television programmes.

Hossan is well known in Singapore for his stand-up comedy routines, Hossan, LIVE! was a huge success. He recently performed with Selena Tan in It Takes Two. He is affectionately called The Singapore Boy. He performs regularly with the Dim Sum Dollies and is also part of Chestnuts.

Hossan is regularly used as a voice-over artist for radio and television commercials as well as television programmes such as Extreme Gourmet, Extreme Japan, Bring Your Toothbrush and National Geographic’s Shock Boys of Japan. Hossan specializes in Character Voices and is the voice of KFC’s Chicky and the cartoon character, Doraemon.

Hossan is fluent in both English and French. Accents: RP, Standard American, Thai, Hong Kong, Filipino, Chinese, Malay, French and Japanese, to list a few.

Hossan Leong is also the Co-Director of Paul Carr Consultancy. For more information, please or visit our website: www.paulcarrconsultancy.com, or call +65-9876 5534.

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