Daphne's charming tone is able to carry your commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and voice characters with nuanced sensitivity for a captivating audio experience. She's able to control her accent to portray the spectrum of Singapore English, from a heavy local accent to a neutral one. She also does a convincing child voice and is able to adjust her pitch to portray different characters. You've heard her voice on projects for King Koil, ADEX and more.

Having come from a strong video production background, she grasps the requirements of each project fast and is able to work with clients to achieve the best delivery for your communications.

She can currently be heard on 938LIVE on weekdays 2-6pm, where she engages listeners with a range of lifestyle topics including the arts, film and travel.

Daphne also emcees for live events, having hosted The Symphony 92.4FM Young Talents Project 2015, Bloodbank@Westgate opening, and 1NET North groundbreaking ceremony.



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SG English 1. Commerical Ad - Full Mix
2. Corporate Branding - Full Mix
email 3. Rolls Royce Trent Engine - Full Mix

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